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drive to wedding ceremony the Bride Groom and wedding guest luxury cars for wedding in Bari and surroundings

The organization of your wedding starts several months before the big event. You have prepared all the details carefully, from your wedding dress to the location for the reception, the guest list to the flowers ...

Don't forget that the car that will accompany you during such an important day is fundamental. You have to choose it carefully, keeping an eye on costs too...

This choice, in fact, should not be underestimated because the car that takes from your home to the church,is taking you to a date that will change your life.

TRAVEL & WORK provides an efficient organization and a team of professional chauffeurs, driving sober and elegant cars, that will help you make your wedding day an unforgettable day.

Furthermore, TRAVEL & WORK ensures that you and your guests will have a great day, from the very beginning to the end of the party.

All you have to think of is to have fun and celebrate with your guests, without worrying about who should drive, which car to use, and whether or not having that last toast with bride and groom ... We will bring you home safely and comfortably!

Our drivers are serious and reliable professionals accustomed to travel at night even with difficult road conditions. They drink only water!!! All our vehicles meet serious reliability criteria both in vehicle care and maintenance and are equipped with modern security systems.

TRAVEL & WORK is a legally recognized company. Upon reservation, we stipulate a contract with you and always leave you a regular receipt at the end of the service.

Fiscal controls can happen when you least expect them, even during the ceremony, and turn your dream into a nightmare!!!
Dont' make a reckless choice but choose your chauffeur service carefully: saving money isn't always the wisest choice.

Relying on well-known companies always guarantees security and reliability. A much lower price than normal rates may indicate lack of professionalism and low reliability.

Discover our offers for wedding services in and around Bari.We'll have solutions for all car hire needs for bride, groom and all your guests.

Discover all the proposals and get a free quote by calling us or by emailing usyou will know innovative and exclusive services to make your wedding day unique and perfect

  • The best cost/car rental service that you can find
  • Free quote
  • Complete documentation to provide in case of fiscal control
  • Car or courtesy van up to 8 passengers
  • Professional drivers, elegant and always on time
  • Luxury cars
  • Car service available during the whole duration of the event
  • Wedding service available in Bari and in other towns in Apulia

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