Travel & Work offers a shuttle service by car or minivan between Bari and Matera.

From Bari (airport, train station or any other location), thanks to this service, you will be able to reach Matera, Capital of Culture 2019, in the easiest, comfortable and cheapest way.



TRAVEL & WORK provides incoming and outgoing transfer from Bari to Matera, ensuring maximum comfort, professionalism and safety.

Whether you already live in Bari or whether you arrive at the airport or train station, with Travel & Work it will be easy, comfortable and convenient reaching the European Capital of Culture 2019!

Main services

Our fleet counts high-class cars but also executive minibuses, agile and elegant, suitable for carrying up to 8 passengers and coping with unforeseen needs of luggage and outnumbered people.

1 > Arrival in Bari

2 > Transfer to Matera

3 > Visit Matera!


  • Easy booking
  • We'll come to take you directly from your home in Bari, from airport/train station or any other location you decide
  • Comfortable, fast, convenient travel!
  • Guests will be assisted from the moment they arrive until they leave
  • On demand bus from 20 and 50 seats from BARI to MATERA and vice versa
  • Comfort, professionalism and safety

Visit Matera comfortably

TRAVEL & WORK: the new way to reach and enjoy Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019!

TRAVEL and WORK offers a transfer service by car or van between Bari and Matera. For example, from Bari airport or train station, reaching Matera will be incredibly comfortable, easy and cheap.

The transfer service is made with superior cars like Mercedes E-class or executive, agile and elegant vans, up to 8 people.

In case you need the service for larger groups, TRAVEL and WORK makes available, through a network of partners, bus 20 and 50 places to plug in BARI to MATERA and vice versa, and if necessary accompanying and assisting on transportation yet.

TRAVEL & WORK provides the best service to its guests, from the time they arrive until they leave, always offering the best solution to their needs.

TRAVEL & WORK: from BARI to MATERA with ease!

A survey recently published by the economic daily Il Sole 24 Ore, of Matera as one of the cities with the best quality of life in Italy but also with the lowest crime rate. Matera is a perfect mix of culture and entertainment, recently named European capital of culture for 2019. Moving on foot everywhere and its inhabitants will conquer you with their warm and genuine.

Officially listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1993, , the town of "Sassi" has been enjoying big popularity since the actor and director Mel Gibson has decided to shoot here his masterpiece, The Passion, finding in the natural location of the Sassi, the ideal set for the last days of the life of Jesus Christ. Other movies have been shot here, including the latest version of Wonder Woman, which will be released in Italy in 2017.

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